Jan 2015

Generic proximity detection models with iBeacons

Architecture overview taken from the making of BeaconZone, the generic iBeacons platform

In this post, the focus is given to some aspects of the architecture applied in our live iBeacons platform (BeaconZone) currently running in Zurich. Since the launch in November 2014, 25 independent locations, spread around a district in Zurich, participate in the pilot phase of the project and have been equipped with BLE 4.0 components (iBeacons.)

IBeacons Content Management

iBeacons and BLE proximity detection belongs today to every innovative and modern business and ignoring the potential also imply missing one of the major and leading trends of the coming months.

In this document, the aim is to focus on the content management aspects of an IBeacons solution and is based on the experience and findings collected during the design and implementation of BeaconZone, an iBeacons based platform currently running in Zurich.