Enterprise in House Mobile Applications

Coprporate in house mobile Applications becomes more and more a necessity for modern organizations. Modern technolgies and development environments enable today companies to effectively consider the development of customized mobile applications in order to access corporate data and services.
Among the facilities for an in House development, we can choose among full native implementations using Objective C and Xcode , a cross code generator approach using for example Flash Builder Mobile or a combination of both.

This article shows how we can implement the same functionality (a simple geocoordinates recording system) using both Flash Builder and Xcode (Objective C) as client Apps sharing the same backend infrastructure written in Java and running under a J2EE compliant application server.

The aim is not only to present a direct comparison using both client development environment but also to provide some indications of typical side effects when a cross code generation approach is selected. Aspects that in the context of an in house mobile projects are important to evaluate and consider. More...