Business Technology System Integration is based on an open and constructive cooperation with Business, IT-Management, IT-Staff and Software Vendors targeting a successful system and software application roll out.
From a Vendor perspective there are advantages to cooperate with a neutral partner targeting the successful implementation of enterprise software solutions.
We do not compete with IT Providers and/or Solution Vendors but rather fully cooperate and share a common goal and "Project Success".

From a Customer perspective there are clear benefits in receiving a neutral assistance dealing with technology items and acting as a technology interface between customer and IT Solution Vendors.

We aim to optimize the system integration process and ensure the full coverage of technology related aspects. We closely and jointly cooperate with vendors and customers during the full integration lifecycle going from prototyping and technology assessements up to a final productive roll out.
* Reference customers are available any time on demand
who we are
BTC Business Technology Consulting offers high level services since 1998

Large consulting expertise in Analysis, Design and Implementation at large customer site.

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What we do
Consulting services and project coaching for IT-Architectures and Strategy in the Web Mobile and Business Service integration areas