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Trentini Fabio




Dübendorf / Zurich


  • German
  • English
  • French (HEC and University in Geneva)
  • Italian

Customer References

  • Bank Vontobel
  • Zürcher Kantonalbank
  • Credit Suisse
  • Swisslife
  • Solution Providers AG /Synpulse AG
  • Marc Rich & Co (Glencore)


  • University Degree in Economy and Computing Science, Geneva University
  • Degree in electronic and nuclear Science, Engineering School of Geneva
  • Primary and Secondary school Tessin
  • Avaloq Professional Certification (August 2008) – Recertification January 2012


After obtaining the Diploma in Electronic and Nuclear Physics at the Engineering School of Geneva , Fabio Trentini continued his studies in Economy and Information Technology at the University of Geneva where he successfully graduated in 1987.
He as a long and large experience in the IT consulting area and worked on several customer projects focusing on Methodologies, technology and software architectures. He founded BTC Business Technology Consulting GmbH in 1998.

He has an excellent IT background collected on large projects (Bank, Insurance, Industry and Trading companies) covering the areas of new technologies (Java Platform in general, J2EE, OO, WEBServices, SOA, Middleware, Internet technology, Client/Server), WEB (Flex, Vaadin, AngularJS) and Mobile Architectures (IOS Ipad/Iphone, Adobe AIR Mobile and lately with hybrid mobile solutions via the Ionic framework)

Besides technology and software architecture areas, he also worked with Avaloq and has a professional certification (2008 renewed in 2012).

The full list of customer projects is available here


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Mobile Architectures

Fabio Trentini follows Mobile technologies since 2010. Besides native IOS (Objective C), he also worked with hybrid approaches using for example Ionic and AngularJS on his latest projects..

He has designed and implemented the BeaconZone platform.
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System Integration and Component based Models

In particular in the Java area, Fabio has gained experience with component based solutions and worked on backend based projects using technologies such as Messaging (MQ-Series, JMS). He has a large project experience with EJB's design and implementation, system integration and frameworks such as the Spring-Framework, Blazeds and Web/Rest-Services
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Project Management

Among the activities done in the last years, consulting services has also focused on Project Management assistance for technology related subjects including skills and team assessements
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Web based technologies

Fabio works with Web based technologies since 1999 and, besides 5 years spent on Adobe Flex projects, he gained a very large experience with the Vaadin Framework since 2012. He designed and implemented 5 Vaadin solutions (Vaadin 6 and Vaadin7).

AngularJs came into the landscape in his latest projects
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Evaluation Projects and Proof of concepts

Fabio worked on projects where the goal was to provide Management with technology assessments and architecture reviews in various areas, evaluate and integrate existing solutions or implement pilot and proof of concepts based projects.
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Workshops/ Training

Fabio gave various training and workshops in the Java, J2EE and earlier IEM/IEF Methodologies.

Besides Workshops for technical oriented audience, he also gave and still gives workshops tailored for Management in order to introduce and assess new technologies and their potential impact.


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WEB, Java, J2EE und internet technologies

Java, J2EE standards (EJB's, Messaging,JMS)
Vaadin Framework
Java-Spirng, Restlets
Adobe Flex, BlazeDS
PHP, Actionscript
JSP and Struts Framework
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Application Servers/ Databases/Cloud

Google App Engine, Amazon AWS
Glassfish, Tomcat, Weblogic, Websphere
Oracle, MYSQL,
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Mobile Architekturen and RIA

IOS (Ipad, Iphone) development Platform (Xcode Objective C/XCode) IBeacons, Ionic,
Flashbuilder/Flex and Flashbuilder Mobile (Actionscript), Vaadin Mobile (Touchkit)
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Avaloq Activities

Avaloq Output Management (Parametrisation), AMI Messaging
Interfaces between Avaloq and external systems
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Methodologies/Case Tools

IEF/Composer/COOL:Gen and ORACLE Case, UML, OOA, OOD
Rational Rose


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Idea Concepts , Design and Implementation of BEACONZONE,

the first iBeacons enable Area in Switzerland that went live in November 2014.

Fabio Trentini is the originator of the project and developed the full Backend Management System and part of the IOS-App.

Technology: OOD, OOA, the Vaadin framework, Angular/Js, Ionic, Code, Objective C, JPA, EJB´s and Cloud Infrastructure.
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Idea Concepts , Design and Implementation of SCREENERY.

Screnery is a cloud based Digital Signage solution enabling to configure and deploy individual target Montitors and TV via a Web Based Cloud platform.

Fabio Trentini , designed and implemented the full cloud and Web based platform in Vaadin.

Technology: OOD, OOA, the Vaadin framework, JPA, EJB´s and Cloud Infrastructure.
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Private Bank: Business Services Management - Intranet Application (Vaadin Framework)

The goal of this intranet and Web based application is to maintain the Meta-Information required in order to control the logical and physical configuration of system interconnections and business services among the company. The meta information was used by a routing component enabling the bidirectional exchange of data (messages) between internal and external business systems.

Besides the design and implementation, a first step was to evaluate different WEB based development frameworks. The final choice was to use Vaadin enabling to implement the Admin client using a pure Java based approach.

Technology: OOD, OOA, the Vaadin framework, JPA, EJB´s and Glassfish Infrastructure.
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Health-Platform for Care-Management and Job-Reintegration

Born in cooperation with HPerformance Sàrl in Geneva, this cloud plattform has the aim to manage the full life cycle in the area of Work-Health and Job reintegration.

The Plattform is based on the HPerformance Methodology of Alain Haas and is divided in 2 main areas.
A Data mangement area where informations and theraphy aspects are stored and a mobile Area enabling to collect Inputs and feedbacks specific to the methodology.
Fabio has made the full design, analysis, concepts and implementation of the Vaadin Backend and the IOS mobile Application.
Technology: OOD, OOA, the Vaadin framework, IOS, JPA, EJB´s and Cloud Infrastructure.
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Identity Mangement System based on Sailpoint IdentityIQ

The goal of this projects was to customize the Identity Management System of Sailpoint (IdentityIQ) to the specific company requirements.
Fabio worked on the Active Directory Integration and took over the interface customization and coordination between tIdentityIQ and the central AD infrastructure (AD Directory , Exchnage-Server)

Technology: Sailpoint IdentityIQ, Java, Tomcat.
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Private Bank: Middleware Layer allowing to transfer daily Customer Reports from Avaloq to an external Output management System (GMC PrintNet PA)

The task of this project , productive since April 2011, was to design and implement the full interface allowing to process customer reports issued by Avaloq and transfer the data (XML based Messages) to the external Output management System of the bank. Besides the pure transfer of Messages, a data enrichment mechanism had to be implemented in order to provide additional information for the final processing of the customer information. A document pooling mechanism was also designed and implemented in order to optimize the flow of documents to be delivered and processed by the receiving Output System. The layer processes daily all the bank customer relevant documents issued by Avaloq.
Technology: Avaloq parametrisation, Java, Oracle JPA, Message Driven Bean, JMS and Glassfish Infrastructure.
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Private Bank: SAML based Module for Authentification of WEB based Applications

In order to provide the User-Authentification for Intranet WEB based Application running under Glassfish, a generic Java-Web-Layer allowing to identify users based on a SAML-Artifact and protocol had to be designed and implemented.

Technology: Java, SAML / opensaml 1.1, Java Servlets/Filters, Glassfish Infrastructure.
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