The BeaconZone/Sensebright Platform

BeaconZone „@Wiedikon Valley" is an exciting pilot project (the first of this kind in Switzerland) where the goal is to equip shops and institutions along a street with smart technologies and in particular to apply proximity detection using BLE 4.0 components based on the iBeacons standard of Apple.

BTC has created in cooperation with Sunsus the concept, design and implemented of the BeaconZone platform. In a first evaluation phase by developing a full cloud based environment (written in Vaadin) enabling to configure a test iBeacon landscape with typical use cases. This has been used to elaborate the final BeaconZone model and ultimately write the
final IOS and Android applications combined with the Web and cloud based content management system.

See also: the sense bright platform

Technology: OOD, OOA, the Vaadin framework, AngularJs, Ionic, IOS, JPA and a Java based Cloud Infrastructure.

Health-Platform for Care-Management and Job-Reintegration

Born in cooperation with HPerformance Sàrl in Geneva, this cloud plattform has the aim to manage the full life cycle in the area of Work-Health and Job reintegration.

The Plattform is based on the HPerformance Methodology of Alain Haas and is divided in 2 main areas.
A Data mangement area where informations and theraphy aspects are stored and a mobile Area enabling to collect Inputs and feedbacks specific to the methodology.
BTC has made the full design, analysis, concepts and implementation of the Vaadin Backend and the IOS mobile Application.

Technology: OOD, OOA, the Vaadin framework, IOS, JPA, EJB´s and Cloud Infrastructure.

IBEACONS-STARTER Use cases Server environment and IOS-App

IBeacons Starter is an IOS App developed by Fabio Trentini BTC Business Technology Consulting that facilitate the Proof of Concepts for projects aiming to adopt the Apple Ibeacons Technology and Standards. The platform is subdivided in a IBeacons Content Management system, written with Vaadin 7 and allowing to create, manage and configure IBEACONS based use cases.
The related IOS-App enables non technical user to easily test on the field and validate with own business content the results.
The platform was used to design and finalize BeaconZone and can be tailored for proof of concepts analysis and design of own or corporate iBeacons based solutions.

Technology: OOD, OOA, the Vaadin framework, IOS, JPA, EJB´s and Cloud Infrastructure.

Private Bank: Business Services Management - Intranet Application (Vaadin Framework)

The goal of this intranet and Web based application is to maintain the Meta-Information required in order to maintain the logical and physical configuration of system interconnections among thecompany. The meta information is used by a routing component enabling the bidirectional exchange of data (messages) between internal and external business systems.

Besides the design and implementation, a firts step was to evaluate different WEB based development frameworks. The final choice was to use Vaadin enabling to implement the Admin client using a pure Java based approach.

Technology: OOD, OOA, the Vaadin framework, JPA, EJB´s and Glassfish Infrastructure.

Private Bank: Middleware Layer allowing to transfer daily Customer Reports from Avaloq to an external Output management System (GMC PrintNet PA)

The task of this project , productive since April 2011, was to design and implement the interface allowing process any customer report issued by Avaloq and transfer the data (XML based Messages) to the external Output management System of the bank. Besides the pure transfer of Messages, a data enrichment mechanism had to be implemented in order to provide additional information for the final processing of the customer information. A document pooling mechanism was also designed and implemented in order to optimize the flow of documents to be delivered and processed by the receiving Output System. The layer processes daily all the bank customer relevant documents issued by Avaloq.
Technology: Avaloq parametrisation, Java, Oracle JPA, Message Driven Bean, JMS and Glassfish Infrastructure.

Private Bank: SAML based Module for Authentification of WEB based Applications

In order to provide the User-Authentification for Intranet WEB based Application running under Glassfish, a generic Java-Web-Layer allowing to identify users based on a SAML-Artifact and protocol had to be designed and implemented.

Technology: Java, SAML / opensaml 1.1, Java Servlets/Filters, Glassfish Infrastructure.

Private Bank: Secured Avaloq Output Interface for Xerox based Printer

The goal of this short project was to create an interface allowing to ensure the user-Identification (internal user) of document issued by Avaloq. The resulting Avaloq Postscript Document had to be encoded in order to carry the required user identification for theXerox Secure Access Unified ID System.
Technology: Avaloq Parametrisation, Unix-C-Shell.

Private Bank: Interbank Data Exchange Layer using Primeur Spazio Server

In order to allow the daily data inter bank exchange of documents, a layer allowing to retrieve and send Documents and Messages to a Primeur Spazio based Server had to be designed and implemented in java (message Driven Bean).
The layer is operational since beginning of 2011.
Technology: Java, Message Driven Bean, Primeur Spazio Server and API´s, Glassfish Infrastructure.

Ipad and Iphone System Integration Study and Implementation

Ipad and Iphone Technology applied to integrate java and/or PHP backend systems for mobile business applications. The evaluated approaches includes traditional http/https protocols but is also extended to the integration/reuse of Flex based server side services (such as Blaze DS via AMF) and standard Java frameworks such as Spring to bring business information on the Ipad/Iphone devices
Technology: Xcode Cocoa Frameworks Objective C, C, C++, BlaseDS, CocoaAMF, OpenGLES, Java, PHP, Spring, Hibernate, Tomcat, Glassfish

Business Monitoring Application for an E-Banking Applicaiton (Adobe Flex)

In order to analyse in real time the daily business activities of the core E-Banking system for monitoring and statistical purposes, an Adobe Flex based application was written by BTC in order to enable the access of the strategic monitoring information directly via browser. Besides interactive Charts, a mechanism allowing power users to adapt and create customized queries without the need to reinstall any software components was also implemented.
Technology; Adobe Flex, Java, BlaseDS, POJO, Hibernate, Oracle, Weblogic, Tomcat

Reconciliation and Moitoring Application for Avaloq Output Documents (Adobe Flex)

In order to follow the Document flow produced by Avaloq, a specific taks taken over by BTC was to design and Implement the reconciliation and follow up of documents issued in Avaloq and processed by the underlying external Output management System (GMC PrintNet). In this case, the activities implied Avaloq Parametrisation as well as Oracle, Java and Adobe Flex technologies for the graphical representation (charts) of the Output Management Activities.The reuslting intranet application allows users to also get an immediate and real time backlock information.
Technology; Avaloq parametrisation, Adobe Flex, Java, BlaseDS, POJO, Hibernate, Oracle, Weblogic, Tomcat

Output Management System Vendor: Avaloq Certification Program (2009)

The main goal of this project was to setup a reference Application fulfilling the requirement for an Avaloq Output Management Adapter (Interface) and allowing to link the core banking system with the external Output Management System. The tasks taken over were the technical assistance on Avaloq specific subjects such as OMS-Parametrisation, Avaloq Java JMS Interface?and the AMI-Parametrisation used to enable the processing of incoming and outgoing Messages. The results allowed the customer to achieve the certification fort he Avaloq 2.6 and 2.7 releases.
Technology: Avaloq, Java, JMS

Swiss Private Bank: Avaloq Project (2008-2009)

The tasks taken over in this project were to integrate Avaloq with surrounding components such as the document archiving System and the Output Management systems. The activities were subdivided in Avaloq Parametrisation (such as Avaloq Report Writer, AMI, Messaging) and technical subjects such as Unix, Oracle and Java . In order to test stability and performance of the final global productive release, an additional task was to design and Implement a set of automated Tests allowing to simulate a continuous Input of orders (such for example STEX-Orders).
Technology: Avaloq, Oracle, Java, Adobe Flex

Swiss Private Bank: E-Banking-Application (2007-2008)

The main goal in this project was to ensure the technical integration of a customized standard E-Banking solution. Besides the stability and performance aspects, a major activity was to assist the project management on system and software architectural matters over the full lifecycle and integration process. The final Solution went live in Mai 2008
Technology:Xcode, Objective C, C++, C, java, OpenGL ES, Spring Hibernate Glassfish

Swiss Bank: Data Encryption/Protection/Security for an International CRM Application (2007)

The business goal in this project was to evaluate a solution enabling data integrity and data protection for an international Customer Relationship management System maintained in Switzerland. The interesting aspects, besides the technical feasibility and encryption mechanisms, where to identify and evaluate the related business and operational processes within the bank on security related subjects. For this project, new technologies and products such as the Oracle Vault and Oracle Wallet have been evaluated. The main activity in this project was to assist the project for technology and architectural related matters, validate the security architecture, finalize the technical concept and system specifications and ultimately identify potential threats in order to elaborate the final implementation offer.
Technology:Java, Unix, Oracle, Jmeter