Swiss Bank: Central Security J2EE Component (2006-2007)

In order to enable the access to a centralized authorization (rule based) management system for intranet applications, the requirements in this project were to analyze, design and ultimately ensure the implementation of a generic central security layer (EJBs based) to be integrated in the global java platform of the bank. Besides design and implementation tasks, a crucial activity was to ensure high performance and stability. The implementation of a fallback mechanism in case of failures completed the set of deliverables.
Technology: BEA Weblogic, Testdirector, Ant, Java, Unix (Sun Solaris)?, Crystal-Reports, Windows-Servers

Swiss Bank: Learning Management System (2005-2006)

The main task in this project was to ensure the system integration of a central main learning management system that has been customized by the bank in order to fullfill the internal business requirements. The responsibilities taken in charge for this project were to coordinate the set up of the technical infrastructure for 4 user teams involved in the project, coordinate test and implementation activities, assist various technical teams involved in the integration process, ensure the contact with the vendor for technology related items such as security and java related issues, design and implement an automated integration of the software within the java infrastructure of the bank. Performance and stability tests were also part of the deliverables. The system was successfully put on production in Mai 2006.
Technology: BEA Weblogic, Testdirector, Ant, Java, Unix (Sun Solaris) , Crystal-Reports, Windows-Servers

Swiss Bank: Stock-Exchange and Trading Management System (2005-2006)

After the decision to use Avaloq as the core banking system, an internet based java swing application for EAMs (External Assets Managers) had to be re-designed and re-implemented in order to fulfill the new business requirements/rules and in order to interoperate with Avaloq.The assignment in this project was to take over the analysis, design and resulting implementation of the stock exchange orders management system and to design/implement the related validation modules for the sale/purchase of financial instruments. The application was put in production as expected by January 2006.
Technology: Java, Swing, XML, CORBA, IntelliJ

Swiss Bank: Central Customer Rating System (2004/2005)

The assignment was in this project to take over the design, analysis and implementation of central customers rating system used in the real estate mortage business. Among others, the system (productive since April 2005) was implemented with an optimized dispatching and load-balancing module allowing distributing complex mathematical calculation among various dedicated servers. The system also had to support different interface technologies such as Messaging (IBM-MQ Series) and Webservices. Besides the design and analysis, the full implementation of the central dispatching system including the interface for front-end applications was part of the activities. The system went on production in April 2005.
Technology: Java, Servlets, various Jakarta Opensource, JETTY, Service-wrapper, Axis (Webservices), IBM-MQ-Series, div. XML technologies, IntelliJ

Swiss Bank :Authentication, Authorization and Identification System (2004/2005)

The assignment was to take over the analysis, design and development of a central Authentication, Authorization and Identification management system (intranet and Web based). The system, currently still in production, achieves a central role in the security management and process of internal and Internet based application accessing various services and applications of the bank.
Technology: IntelliJ, IBM Websphere, JSP?s, Javascript, JDBC