Swiss Bank: Intranet based Security Management System (2001/2003)

Goal and deliverables of this central and strategic project was the porting to a java environment of an existing Smalltalk GUI based application (central authentication, identification and authorization contract management system for internal and internet based applications). The target server technology used was JSP based (Jakarta Struts) and the access to the business logic was implemented using a CORBA based infrastructure. A major challenge of the project, besides the redesign of the main GUI application, consisted in performance optimization issues which required a careful server side middle tier design and implementation (data/object caching). The resulting Application has been successfully put on production and is still successfully running since December 2003.
Technology: Rational Rose, JBuilder, BEA Weblogic, Java Servlets, JSP?s, CORBA, Struts, Javascript

Swiss Insurance Group: Middleware and Architectures (2001/2002)

For the middleware department of the company, the assignment was to carry on various technical evaluations allowing the definition of a global backend office architecture. The main tasks were to implement dedicated prototypes in order to evaluate the technical feasibility of solutions based on J2EE standards. Proof of concepts in the area of EJB?s, JCA connectors, Messaging using JMS and Message Driven Beans, Webservices, Application Server interoperability and security issues had to be carried on.
Technology: EJB (BEA Weblogic), Java Connector Architecture (JCA), Java Message Driven Beans, Java Messaging Services, web services, EJB Security and Application Server interoperability

Swiss bank: Workflow Management System / Internet Ordering System (1999-2000)

The first deliverable for this project was the elaborate a generic concept for the implementation of a workflow based system. The workflow concept has been retained to design and finally implement the final workflow management system (operating under IMS and developed by the Host development team), which went on production mid 2000. For the same project, a following task was to design and implement a notification system for the processing of Internet based incoming orders (online account opening). The system was ensuring to identify, collect and forward to the main central host all the Internet incoming orders issued external customers (account opening orders via internet banking). An additional assignment was to develop a quality insurance tool providing a graphical representation of the workflow processes involved. This module was implemented using Java 3D technology in order to render the workflow process diagrams.
Technology: UNIX, Java (Multithreading, JDBC), CORBA (Orbix IONA) Java 3D, Jakarta Struts

Large Swiss Bank: Mortage management System (2001)

The deliverables in this project were the design, analysis and team coaching during the implementation of a real estate financing (mortage) management system (productive since march 2002) and implemented using EJB?s within a J2EE compliant application server (IBM Websphere). In addition, a major assignment was to take over the responsibility for automated stability tests and performance measurements. Another task, based on an approach similar to JUnit, was to define the concepts and guidelines required by the Java programmers in order to implement test classes and test cases. The implementation of a system ensuring an automated set of stability and performance tests completed the of activities done for this project.
Technology: EJB (IBM Websphere), Visual Age for Java, ant/log4j (Jakarta), Multithreading

Swiss Bank: Various reviews, knowhow transfers, proof of concepts (1999-2001)

The main task in this project was to evaluate and implement a strategic central application for the integration of a central Customer Information Management System (written in Smalltalk) in a Java environment using CORBA as Middleware. A first task was to take over the responsibility to define the CORBA Architecture. Another task was to deliver and organize a detailed performance analysis and feasibility study (proof of concept) between front-end applications (in Java) and server the Smalltalk server Business-Objects over CORBA.The performance and stability analysis gave relevant inputs for the improvement of the overall system.This gave the opportunity to also ensure at the same time the CORBA know-how transfer for the customer team involved. After the successful achievement of the evaluation phase, the focus was put, beside the implementation of the final system, on aspects such as CORBA distributed transactions (using Visibroker-ITS) and the integration of the system in an EJB based application server. The coordination and implementation of the a quality assurance system allowing the execution of automated tests on all the CORBA-Interfaces accessing the Smalltalk-Business-Objects were also part of the deliverables. Once the core system on place, a follow up activity was the design/implementation of a notification system using the J2EE java messaging service standard (JMS) and allowing to notify on the fly changes done on the core system over messaging to the front-end systems. The system was implemented using a producer/subscriber model. This activity implied also the evaluation and technical feasibility study of various JMS based products.
Technology: Java (Visual Cafe)

Large Insurance Group:? WEB Enabling of legacy Applications (1998)

For the international division of this large insurance company, the goal was to evaluate the technical solutions allowing a WEB enabling (for intranet purposes) of legacy applications written in COOL: Gen (GUI and 3270) under IMS. The deliverables in this project were to clarify technical issues and in particular the evaluation of a WEB Screen-Scraper Server Solution used for the WEB enabling of 3270 screens.As a proof of concepts, the implementation of a prototype allowing accessing COOL: Gen modules from Java and C++ using CORBA have been implemented as a proof of concepts.
Technology: WIN NT, COOL: Gen, SALVO Server, Visibroker for Java, Visibroker for C++