Swiss Reinsurance Group (1997-1998)

On this international project with teams in Switzerland and the USA, the goal was to achieve a data migration from 2 existing legacy systems to a new application written under Oracle (Unix). Particular aspects of this project were very complex conversion rules for the data takeover and a very limited amount of time available to ensure this mission critical migration for the company.The assignment has been here to take in charge the implementation of the conversion rules for one of the 2 major systems involved (The rules were written in ORACLE SQL and PL/SQL)? Ensure the technical coordination and execution of the final Migration-Process. The system could be migrated as required by March 1998
Technologies: Windows NT, UNIX, ORACLE SQL, PL/SQL, SQL$LOADER, ORACLE Packages

Large Swiss Bank: Pricing System for Financial Instruments (1997)

n this project the assignment was to define the concepts (and then take over the related technical implementation) of an interface between a central strategic trading system and a complex fees calculation system for financial instruments. Besides the initial feasibility study, the final system was successfully implemented and delivered. The interface allowed the trading system (written in C++) to invoke the calculations modules written with the I-CASE-tool COOL: Gen. A major goal and achievement in this project was a strong and remarkable performance improvement of the overall system.
Technologies: SUN Solaris, SYBASE, COOL: Gen (Composer)

Real-Estate Industry (1997)

Goal of this project was to evaluate, and implement a Closed User Group on the Internet allowing engineers and architects to share common project information. The main task here was to take in charge and coordinate the technical evaluation of various standard products covering in particular Videoconferencing facilities over the internet, WEB Server?s, LDAP Servers, Display of CAD-Plans facilities as well as document and application sharing. In addition, the deliverables included the design and implementation of a prototype (server side Java, Java Servlets, CGI and JDBC) allowing to access and compare catalog price information coming from various kind of databases and environments over the Internet. For this task, a dedicated proprietary protocol allowing querying the catalog pricing information coming from various data sources has been implemented.
Technology: Windows NT, UNIX, Java, Netscape Servers, C++, Altavista products, Microsoft LDAP server, Net-Meeting

Large Insurance Group (1996-1997)

For the international division of the group, the goal was the analysis, design and implementation (in COOL: Gen) of a large Client/Server application allowing the management of insurance contracts and the related specific country instructions. The task taken in charge was to ensure the proper initialization and planning of the Client/Server design phase, the definition of the standard development guidelines, the support of the full development team in questions related to COOL: Gen/IEM and the responsibility to take over the implementation of part of this application. In addition, a main task was to take in charge the design and related implementation of a desktop integration facility using OLE and DDE technologies. Technologies: COOL: Gen, C++, Windows NT, MVS, CICS Large Insurance Group (1996) The assignment was initially consisting in the definition and design of various interfaces between the main Application ("Kollektivsystem" - Client/Server architecture) and the surrounding legacy systems. The technical coaching of the development team for technical issues in relation with IEM/COOL: Gen, and assistance in the implementation phase was also part of the deliverables. An additional task has been the definition of directive and development Standards for Batch Processing using COOL: Gen and for development coordination issues.
Technology: COOL: Gen OS/2, C++,CICS

Large Swiss Bank (1991-1993)

Goal of this project was the replacement of the existing Stock-Exchange application (running under IMS/DC) through an Input Order System Application to be ultimately connected to the Swiss Electronic Stock Exchange System. The tasks taken in charge on this large project were:The definition and initialization of the various Business Systems (according to IEM/IEF). The definition of the related Project Standards. Ensure the proper transition between the Business Area Analysis phase and the Business System Implementation phase.The preparation of "proof of concept" prototypes allowing ensuring the implementation of complex user requirements and conforming a RAD (Rapid Application Development) approach.Implementation of the first Business System (Order Entry) and design/implementation of the generic Error-Handling concept.Definition and specifications for the integration of legacy applications with the new System.Full team support in the IEM/COOL: Gen area.
Technologies: COOL: Gen OS/2, C, MVS, CICS

Large Swiss Bank (1992)

Goal of this project was the design and related development of a centralized Inventory-System which goal was to ensure the daily transfer of front-end financial and accounting information in the centralized inventory database system. The activities in this project were to ensure the transition between the Business Area Analysis phase and the Business System Implementation according to IEM and the definition and design of the resulting business systems. The main assignment was here the implementation of the main application and the support of the complete development team on issues related to IEM/COOL: Gen.In particular design and analysis activities, ensure the project initialization; define the programming guidelines and standards up to the control of the development process till the implementation of the system on production.
Technology: COOL: Gen, OS/2, MVS, TSO